Kerala’s New ”Kerala Savari” 2023

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Kerala’s Kerala Savari 2023 (registration, eligibility criteria, list, status, benefits, beneficiaries, application form, official website, last date, how to apply, portal, documents, helpline number)

Kerala government is all set to launch its desi version of the online cab service in the city. It plans to launch an e-taxi service as an excellent alternative to Uber and Ola. The launch would be the first of its kind by the state government, and it will be operational in the coming month. The online tax service is Kerala Savari, which will be started by the state labor department like the auto-taxi network. It is mainly to ensure safe service at an affordable rate in the city.

Kerala Savari

Kerala’s Kerala Savari 2023

Purpose of the schemeDesi online cab service – Kerala Savari
Beneficiaries of schemeCitizens of the state
Category of launchCab service
Initiative taken byState government – state labor department
Reason for the initiativeTo start a safe and dispute-free transport service for the public in the state
Help the auto-taxi labor sectorThe initiative will help the auto-taxi labor sector to cope with challenges
Schedule date for the launch of the initiativeKanakakkunnu Palace on the auspicious date of Chingam, which is the 17th of August

What are the highlighting details of the scheme?

  • Objective to launch the initiative – As more online cab services have come into being and people opt for them, the motor transport workers are jobless. This is when the labor department thought of this initiative and will bring in a change in the motor transport service of the state
  • Rate difference of the service – There is a difference of 20 to 30 per cent between the rate you get from motor transport laborers and the charge that passengers give for the online cab service
  • Charge of Kerala Savari – The Savari would only charge eight per cent of the service charge along with the fixed rate from the government. It is only 20 to 30 per cent in other online taxi services
  • Kerala Savari App – The app has been designed for the safety of women and children of the state and will have security standards. It has a panic button that can be used when there is any similar danger or accident problem
  • Implementation agency –The main implementation agency is the Kerala motor transport welfare fund board. It would be the supporting department for the transport, IT, legal metrology, police and others
  • Members of the scheme – In the initial stage, 500 auto taxi drivers are the limit who can register for the project. The drivers have got training in various subjects about the scheme 

Who are eligible to register for the scheme?

  1. Natives of the state – The auto and taxi drivers who are natives of the state are only eligible to be part of the initiative.
  2. Auto Drivers – The state auto-taxi drivers are eligible to be part of the initiative with their vehicles
  3. Own vehicle – The driver willing to register under the online taxi service should furnish correct details to show that they are the owner of the vehicle and so willing to be part of it
  4. Police clearance certificate – The drivers willing to be part of the initiative should have a police clearance certificate. It is to be produced at the time of registering and joining the scheme

Necessary documents required for scheme registration

  • Identification proof – The drivers should furnish the correct voter ID, Aadhaar and equivalent as identification to register for the scheme
  • Driving license – An auto or taxi driver should produce a license copy and register their name to be part of the initiative. The high authorities should verify it before they are considered to be eligible for being part of the Kerala Savari
  • Vehicle details – The driver should have updated vehicle documents to be scrutinized by the higher authority before they are eligible to ride a vehicle under Kerala Savari

Process of registration under the scheme

As the scheme is scheduled to be launched in the coming month, the process of registration and its official portal is yet to come up. The interested drivers should keep an eye out as they can know the details from the portal itself and register for the same.

FAQ of the scheme

Q- What is the main purpose of the initiative?

ANS- Start e-taxi service as an alternative to Ola and Uber

Q- How many drivers are included in the initial stage of Kerala Savari?

ANS- 500 drivers

Q- Which department is responsible for the launch of the scheme?

ANS- State transport government

Q- Why the initiative has been taken?

ANS- To start a safe and dispute-free transport service for the public in the state

Q- Where will the new service be launched?

ANS- Kanakakkunnu Palace on the auspicious date of Chingam, which is the 17th of August

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