NUA-O Scholarship Odisha 2024: Online Submission Guidelines ,Last Submission Date

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NUA-O Scholarship Odisha: The state government of Odisha has announced its intention to provide scholarships through the Nua-O initiative to students enrolled in postgraduate and undergraduate courses. During the “Nu-O festival” held in Jajpur on Tuesday, the Nabin Odisha program’s chairperson alongside the 5T (Transformation Initiative) introduced the Nua-O scholarship. This scheme, named NUA (New Odisha), aims to furnish young individuals with avenues for continuous skill enhancement, retraining, and advanced learning opportunities. Continue reading below for a comprehensive overview of the NUA-O Scholarship program.

NUA-O Scholarship Odisha
NUA-O Scholarship Odisha 2024,Online Submission Guidelines ,Final Submission Date

NUA-O Scholarship Odisha Com 2024 plete Detail

Scheme TitleNUA-O Scholarship
Acronym ExplainedNutanaUnnata Abhilasha
Initiated ByGovernment of Odisha
Inception DateFebruary 12, 2024
Target AudienceStudents at the undergraduate and postgraduate level
PurposeTo foster youth advancement
Geographical FocusOdisha
Distribution of ScholarshipBetween February 20th and 25th
Web Portal

Mukhyamantri Matsyajibi Kalyan Yojana Odisha 2024

Unveiling the NUA-O Scholarship Program

The Odisha government is set to launch the Nua-O scholarship program, targeting students who are pursuing their higher education in both postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. At the “Nu-O festival” in Jajpur this Tuesday, the initiative was introduced by the chairperson of the Nabin Odisha program in conjunction with the 5T transformational effort. Named NUA (New Odisha), the program is designed to provide the youth with ongoing opportunities for skill development, re-skilling, and up-skilling. Read on for an in-depth exploration of the NUA-O Scholarship initiative.

NUA-O Scholarship Application Dates

The Odisha government has yet to declare the official dates for applying to the NUA-O Scholarship. Despite the absence of a specific application timeline, the dates for the scholarship distribution have been confirmed. The selected students are set to receive the NUA-O Scholarship from the government during the period of February 20th to February 25th.

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Goals Behind the NUA-O Scholarship Initiative

The Odisha government plans to provide financial aid to students pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate degrees through the Nua-O program. The NutanaUnnata Abhilasha (NUA) Odisha initiative primarily focuses on empowering the youth. Under this scheme, female students are entitled to receive Rs 10,000 each, while male students will be awarded Rs 9,000 each. Odisha stands out as the first state in the country to launch such a widespread scholarship program, aiming to benefit approximately 95% of its student population.

Advantages of the NUA-O Scholarship Program in Odisha

The Odisha government has introduced the Nua-O scholarship to support students enrolled in postgraduate and undergraduate courses. Here are the key benefits of this scholarship:

  1. Male students are eligible to receive Rs 9,000 through this initiative, whereas female students will be granted Rs 10,000.
  2. Specifically, male students belonging to NirmanShramik (construction worker) families and those from SC/ST backgrounds will be awarded Rs 10,000 annually. Female students from these groups will receive an enhanced amount of Rs 11,000 per year.

Mukhyamantri Sampoorna Pushti Yojana (MSPY) Odisha 

Qualification Criteria for NUA-O Scholarship Program

To be eligible for the NUA-O Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a permanent resident of Odisha.
  2. They should be enrolled in either a graduate or postgraduate program.
  3. Children of permanent government employees or those whose parents are income tax payers are not eligible for this scholarship program.

Necessary Documentation for NUA-O Scholarship Application

Applicants must furnish the following documents to apply for the NUA-O Scholarship:

  1. The student’s bank account number along with the IFSC code of the respective bank branch.
  2. The Aadhaar number of the student.
  3. Additionally, the Aadhaar Enrollment ID.
  4. A scanned copy of the student’s bank passbook.
  5. A certificate confirming the applicant’s status as a bonafide student from their Institute/School.

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Online Application Process for NUA-O Scholarship in Odisha 2024

Applying for the NUA-O Scholarship in Odisha for the year 2024 involves a straightforward online process. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Visit the Official Scholarship Website: Begin by accessing the official portal dedicated to the scholarship scheme.

2. Access the Homepage: Once you’re on the site, the main page will automatically display.

3. Initiate the Application Process: Look for an “Apply Online” link on the homepage and click on it. This action will redirect you to the application page.

4. Fill in the Application Form: A form will be presented to you. Here, you’re required to input all necessary information accurately.

5. Upload Required Documents: The system will prompt you to attach all the essential documents. Ensure you have them ready for upload.

6. Review Your Application: Before proceeding, take a moment to carefully review the details you’ve entered to ensure accuracy.

7. Submit Your Application: After verifying your information, click on the “Submit” button to finalize your application process.

By following these steps, you can efficiently apply for the NUA-O Scholarship in Odisha for 2024, paving the way for educational support and opportunities.

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Q : What is the NUA-O Scholarship? 

Ans : The NUA-O Scholarship is a financial assistance program for students in Odisha, aimed at supporting their educational endeavors in 2024.

Q : Who can apply for the NUA-O Scholarship in Odisha? 

Ans : Students residing in Odisha who meet the eligibility criteria specified by the scholarship guidelines can apply.

 Q : How can I apply for the NUA-O Scholarship 2024? 

Ans : Applications can be submitted online through the official scholarship scheme website by following the application procedure.

Q : What documents are required for the NUA-O Scholarship application? 

Ans : Applicants need to upload specific documents, which typically include educational certificates, identity proof, and other relevant documents as per the scholarship requirements.

Q : When is the deadline to apply for the NUA-O Scholarship 2024? 

Ans : The application deadline is usually announced on the official scholarship website. It’s important to apply before the deadline to be considered.

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