‘Mission Basundhara’ Assam 2024, Last Date, Application

‘Mission Basundhara’ Assam 2024, Last Date, Application, Portal, Start Date, Official Website, Helpline Number, Services

Mission Basundhara scheme provides various types of services to the citizens belonging to the state of Assam. A portal for the same was launched on October 2 2021. Applications to apply for various services under the scheme had already started and the last date to fill the application form is November 30 2021. However, a problem of slow portal has been reported by the citizens which consequently lead to the urge for extending the last date of applications. It is being discovered that the citizens of the state are urging the government to extend the last date so that they can fill the applications at ease and with proper information on time. This article we will provide you with all the information regarding the urge for this extension. 

mission basundhara assam

‘Mission Basundhara’ Assam 2024

NameMission Basundhara
OrganizationAssam Government
Launched ByDr. Himanta Biswa Sarma
Launched onOctober, 2021
Application ProcessOnline
Start Date2 October
Last Date7 December
Application Last Date30 November
Department NameDepartment of Revenue and Disaster Management, Assam
Toll free Number1800-345-2666

What is ‘Mission Basundhara’ Assam

The state government had started the scheme portal in order to provide land revenue services along with providing the public an easy access for their land oriented work aspects. This mission was started with an aim to to remove or eliminate the middlemen from the system and not so important visits to the Government offices. 

Reason for this urge

In order to update the land records, citizens were asked to fill the applications for the various services. However, a problem of slow portal along with incomplete information regarding the last date was reported. Citizens seemed unsatisfied with the last date and the technical issues of slow access to the portal. This led to the urge for extending the last date of applications.

Services to be applied

the state government asked its citizens to apply for various services including mutation after deed registration, right of inheritance, a partition of an disputed cases, reclassification of land, annual patta to periodic patta conversion, tracking names of people who are no longer in possessions under rule 116, allotment certificate to periodic patta, ALRR 1886, mobile number update of pattadar and legacy data updation/rectification. 

Mission Basundhara Assam Application Period

The period of application under the Basundhara scheme was from October 2- November 30, 2021. However citizens are now urging for extending this last date. Citizens also reported about their unawareness regarding the last date of the applications.

Mission Basundhara Assam Other Related Inform

  • Citizens are claiming that since they were unaware of the last date. They are now requesting to change it.
  • Citizens also claimed that the portal has become slow and they are unable to complete their applications. 
  • It is also being claimed that there has been a lot of rush as the last date is approaching. This resulted in a load of traffic on the website leading to slow access. 
  • Citizens are also claiming that the period of application is not sufficient in order to collect all the information from different sources to upload their documents. They claim that it’s a difficult task to collect all the relevant documents and information from the sources in such a short period of time especially when it comes to their state. 
  • A problem of travelling for the documents of their land is also being reported. A few of them are claiming that they live in a different place while their land is in a different location which is making it difficult for them to visit their land regarding the documents and verifications. 
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Q : When did the Assam government announce the Basundhara scheme portal?

Ans : October 2, 2021. 

Q : Is the Basundhara scheme only for the citizens of Assam?  

Ans : Yes.

Q : What is the last date for applying to the Basundhara scheme services? 

Ans : November 30, 2021.

Q : What is the period of application under the Basundhara scheme? 

Ans : October 2- November 30, 2021. 

Q : Are the citizens urging for an extension of the last date to apply for the services under the Basundhara scheme? 

Ans : Yes, citizens are urging for an extension with various claims such as slow portal and being unaware about the last date of submission.

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