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UK India Young Professionals Scheme Online Register, Eligibility, Benefits, How To Apply For Visa Under Young Professionals Scheme 2024 Last Date, Registration for UK India Young Professionals Scheme, Benefits of UK India Young Professionals Scheme, how to Apply for UK India Young Professionals Scheme

British government invites applicants to apply for the Young Professionals Visa program. To be considered, qualified applicants must submit a ballot by March 2, between February 28th and March 2. The UK India Young Professionals Scheme will be open to Indian citizens aged 18-20 who have completed a graduate or postgraduate degree. The voting process for this specific immigration program has not started yet. If your name is selected randomly from the participants, you will need to submit your visa application. Anyone who has not been invited to apply for this visa period will be denied. You can find detailed information about the UK India Young Professionals Scheme, including highlights, features, eligibility criteria and time duration.

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UK India Young Professionals Scheme 2024

NameUK India Young Professionals Scheme
Initiated ByBritish Prime Minister Rishi Sunak
Launched atG20 conference in Bali, Wednesday
Beneficiaries3,000 degree-holding Indians
Age Criteria18-30 years

What is UK India Young Professionals Scheme

Rishi Sunak (the prime minister of the United Kingdom) announced Wednesday that he had made a new connection to India at the G20 summit. The UK India Young Professionals Scheme will offer up to 3,000 Indians aged 18-30 years old positions in the UK every year for up to two-years. It will operate on a reciprocal basis from early 2023. One-fourth (24%) of international students studying in the UK come from India. This is a clear example of the strong bilateral relations between the two countries. India’s direct investment in the UK supports more than 95,000 jobs across the country. This initiative will also strengthen UK relations with the Indo-Pacific region. The UK has made many efforts to improve relations with countries in the region, including security.

UK India Young Professionals Scheme Online Application Starts

On Tuesday 28 February 2023, the UK invited 2,400 Indians for application to the Young Professional Scheme. This scheme is open to anyone between the ages 18 and 30. This is a great opportunity for bright young Indians to visit the UK. This program is only open to applicants with a bachelor’s or higher degree and a balance in their bank account of at least £2,530 (about 2.62 lakhs). They should not have young children. Within two weeks, an email will be sent out with the results. Random selections will be made. You do not need to pay to submit a ballot. However, if you are interested in obtaining a residence permit (roughly 26,000 pounds), you will be charged about £259 (roughly 26,000 pounds) and a Pound 940 (94,000 pounds) premium for healthcare. Additional financial and educational requirements must be met. Within six months of applying for a visa, the applicant must leave for the UK.

You have 30 days to apply online and pay any applicable fees. You can still participate in the next round, which will be held in July, even if you do not make it through the ballot. The UK government will grant you a visa that will allow for you to live and work in the UK for up to two years. You can travel to the UK and depart whenever you wish during your two-year stay.

UK India Young Professionals Scheme Objective

The UK has a labor shortage in all three industries: construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and food service. Recent surveys revealed that 37% of UK businesses are being affected by UK’s workforce shortages. BREXIT was cited by many as a contributor to the worries about labor shortages. There was a labor shortage before the pandemic, especially for companies that heavily depended on EU countries. The Young Professionals Plan will fill the national workforce gap.

UK India Young Professionals Scheme Features

These are some of the key features that make up the UK India Young Professionals Scheme:

  • On Wednesday, the two leaders met to confirm the UK-India Young Professionals Initiative.
  • The UK will offer 3,000 visas annually to degree-educated Indian citizens under the UK-India Young Professionals Initiative.
  • These visas will be granted to young professionals aged between 18 and 30 years.
  • Under the scheme, Indian nationals who have a degree are allowed to work and live in the UK for up to two years.
  • More than any other country in Indo-Pacific, the UK has more ties with India than any other.
  • It will use a reciprocal system.
  • The agreement will be reciprocal.
  • The new strategy will deepen the ties between India & the UK in terms of trade and culture.
  • India is home to around 25% of international students in the UK. Their investment in India supports 95,000 jobs in the country.

UK India Young Professionals Scheme Eligibility Criteria

These are the eligibility criteria for UK India Young Professionals Scheme:

  • Citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 can visit the UK to work and live for up to 2 years.
  • For the Young Professionals program, candidates must be fluent in the host country’s native language
  • The candidate must have a degree or diploma equivalent to at least three years’ higher education.

UK India Young Professionals Scheme Time Duration

The initiative would be in place for three years and begin March 2023. Citizens of India and British citizens can travel to the other country, study there, or work there for two years. The two countries will exchange 3,000 candidates.

Youth Mobility Visa

To be eligible for the program, Indians must hold a diploma or degree equivalent to at least three years’ higher education. Fluent in the host language is also required. The UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunder has approved the issuance of 3,000 visas each year to Indian young professionals who wish to live and work in the UK. The British government stated that the UK-India Migration Partnership was effective, and that India is now the first country to have a visa program.

UK India Young Professionals Scheme Selection Criteria

However, this is still not confirmed. This visa is likely to be very popular because millions of Indian citizens meet the requirements. This situation could lead to a lottery for slots, much like the Young Mobility visa where there are very few spots. If this category is more affordable, there are concerns that IT corporations could dominate the sector and take control of the few openings.

UK-India Young Professionals Scheme Application

The following steps are required to apply for the Young Professional Scheme:

  • First, visit the website for the Young Professional Scheme.
  • On the screen, the homepage of the website will appear.
  • Click on the India Young Professionals Scheme link.
  • The screen will open a new page.
  • Click on the Enter anytime the ballot is open link.
  • On the screen, you will see the application form.
  • Complete the form with all details.
  • Upload all required documents now.
  • After that you will be redirected towards the payment gateway.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • To complete the process, click the Submit button.
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