Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme 2024: Empowering Women

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Are you a woman residing in Assam? If so, you’ll want to pay attention to the latest initiative introduced by the Assam government – the Swanirbhar Nari scheme. Designed to benefit approximately 4 lakh families initially, this scheme offers a range of support. If you’re curious about who qualifies, what the advantages are, the scheme’s goals, and how it’s implemented, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll delve into all aspects of the Assam Swanirbhar Nari Yojana, launched in 2020. Stick around until the end, as we’ll also outline the step-by-step application process for this program initiated by the Assam state government.

Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme 2024: Empowering Women

Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme 2024

Scheme NameSwanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme
Launched byAssam Government
BeneficiariesWomen of Assam state
Official siteNA
Helpline NumberNA

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What is Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme

The Swanirbhar Nari Yojana, initiated by the government of Assam, aims to provide support to economically disadvantaged women who face challenges in securing employment and generating income. In its initial phase, the scheme is projected to benefit over 4 lakh families. Additionally, the Atmanirbhar Assam scheme will be established under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Generation Act, with implementation overseen by various departments and missions. The Atmanirbhar Assam scheme will focus on executing a range of activities to create assets, with five identified activities slated for implementation across all Development Blocks. Moreover, for community asset creation, 20 activities will be rolled out in selected Development Blocks.

Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme Objective

The primary goal of the Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar scheme is to empower financially disadvantaged women. By implementing this scheme, various opportunities will be extended to women in Assam, aiming to enhance their quality of life. In its initial phase, over 4 lakh families are expected to benefit from the scheme, which also includes initiatives for creating community assets. This endeavor holds the potential to uplift women in the state, fostering self-reliance and improving their overall well-being.

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Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme Benefit

  • Economic Empowerment: Financially disadvantaged women receive support to enhance their economic status through entrepreneurship and skill development initiatives.
  • Skill Enhancement Opportunities: The scheme provides avenues for women to acquire new skills, increasing their employability and potential for income generation.
  • Improved Standard of Living: Beneficiaries experience an upliftment in their quality of life, with increased access to resources and opportunities for socio-economic advancement.
  • Broad Reach: Over 4 lakh families are expected to benefit from the scheme’s provisions in its initial phase, extending its impact across various communities in Assam.
  • Community Asset Creation: The scheme includes provisions for creating community assets, contributing to sustainable development and collective prosperity.
  • Women’s Empowerment: Through the Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme, women gain greater autonomy and self-dependence, empowering them to actively participate in economic and social spheres.
  • Reduced Gender Disparities: By addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by women, the scheme works towards reducing gender disparities and fostering a more inclusive society.
  • Long-term Impact: The scheme’s focus on skill development and entrepreneurship lays the foundation for long-term economic growth and stability within the state, benefitting both individuals and communities.

Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme Features

  • The Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme aims to financially empower women and promote self-dependence.
  • Implementation of the scheme will result in the creation of 3.72 lakh permanent personal assets and 822 community assets.
  • The scheme operates under the MNREGA framework.
  • It is expected to enhance the standard of living and increase the income of women beneficiaries.
  • In its initial phase, the scheme is set to benefit 4 lakh families.
  • Various employment opportunities will be generated for women across the state through this scheme.
  • Financial aid and support will be extended to top-performing panchayats under the scheme.
  • Only citizens of Assam are eligible to avail benefits from this scheme.

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Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme Eligibility

  • Women residents of Assam are eligible.
  • Financially disadvantaged women are prioritized.
  • There may be specific criteria related to income levels or socio-economic status.
  • Eligibility may vary depending on the specific components of the scheme, such as entrepreneurship or skill development initiatives.
  • Detailed eligibility guidelines are provided by the implementing authorities and may be subject to change based on government policies and program updates.

Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Bank account details
  • Residence certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number

Assam Mukhyamantri Sva-Niyojan Yojana

Assam Swanirbhar Nari Atmanirbhar Scheme Official Website

  • Obtain application forms from designated government offices or online portals.
  • Fill out the application form with accurate information.
  • Attach required documents such as identification proof, address proof, income certificate, and any other specified documents.
  • Submit the completed application form along with supporting documents to the designated authorities.
  • Await verification and processing of the application.
  • Upon approval, beneficiaries will be informed about the next steps and any additional requirements.
  • Follow any further instructions provided by the authorities regarding program participation or accessing benefits.
  • Seek assistance from relevant government offices or helplines in case of any queries or assistance needed during the application process.
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